Dr. Swisher, How can Religion have more of an impact on Society and daily living?  Monique, West Toledo 

Hello Monique  According to a recent Pew Research Poll 49% of the American people want religion to have more of an influence in day to day life.  A similar Gallup Poll showed 75% of our Country feel it would be positive for Religion to have more of an impact in America’s daily life. 

So you’re question is right on track with what many others are thinking about and hoping for in their lives at this moment in time.

The United Methodist Church has led  the way for more than 280 years when it comes to Christians being involved Socially, Politically and Economically.  A statement from our Social Principles proclaims “The United Methodist Church believes God’s love for the world is an active and engaged love.  We cannot just be observers. We care enough about other people’s lives to risk interpreting God’s love.”

All of that simply means that each of us have a part to play in making the World a better place. To specifically answer your question the way to ensure Religion has more of an impact on daily life is to make sure we do. 

Each of us can make a real, positive and relevant influence on society on every level when we engage our Community, State and World with the transforming message of Jesus Christ.  As a Believer in and representative of Christ you help make the positive difference you are seeking.

A recent article in Live Science presents several ways Religion Impacts life from Raising Self Esteem to Soothing Anxiety to Encouraging participation in solving today’s social problems.

There you have it, Monique.  We invite you to hear more about engaging society and making a positive impact by being our guest in Worship today.  Find all the info at epworth.com.