Dr. Swisher, How can I overcome negativity in my life?  Leticia, Maumee, Ohio

Hello Leticia   This is a great question and very relevant to the time in which we live. Often people remember criticism more than compliments.  In fact Scientists tell us it takes 7 positive statements to overcome just 1 negative statement.

As Christians we believe that Jesus came to this world to give each of us abundant life filled with deep abiding joy in the midst of life’s circumstances.

If you or someone you care about are overwhelmed with negativity try these helpful tips:

  1. Counter negative thinking with Intentional positive statements.  Repeat to yourself “God is helping me.  God is guiding me.  I believe in God and I believe in myself.
  2. Keep your Perspective.  Things are rarely as bad as they initially seem as my friend says, “In the red hot moment.”  Take a breath, get some distance from the problem and then try again.
  3. Don’t personalize the problem. You may feel responsible for whatever is going on but take a macro view.  Then you’ll realize you most likely weren’t the direct cause of the negative event or situation. Stick to the facts and find out exactly how the situation arose and how you might go about improving it.
  4. Become keenly aware of the words you speak and the people you allow in your sphere of influence.  If things aren’t going right there is a good chance changing your speech and the people you hang out with will make a helpful difference.

God has a great plan for your life full of hope, joy, love and positivity  Start today by visiting us at Epworth UMC where you will hear positive promises from the Bible and where you’ll be encouraged to start living your Best Life now.