Dr. Swisher, How can I grow closer to God? Lucas, Northwood, Ohio

Hello Lucas thank you for this question.  We are currently experiencing the Season of Lent as we countdown to Holy Week and Easter.  One of the main purposes of this time is to examine our lives and find ways to draw closer to God.  So your question is right on point. 

Here are a few suggestions that may help you and other readers who have the same desire to draw close to God:

  1. Keep alert and look for God moments each day Take time to be aware > each day of God’s Presence all around you. Ask yourself, “How do I see God working today?” Then thank God for all of the good things in your life that you may have missed by not really looking closely enough.
  2. Practice God’s Blessings
    When I pastored a Church in Dallas a few years ago, my mother and father Dr. Lowell and Barbara Swisher taught a Sunday School class that became the most attended Discipleship class in the entire Church. And that’s really saying something because we had over 6,000 members One of the subjects they taught was on the book “God Winks” which essentially pointed to ways God connects with us through everyday blessings, people and experiences.   God has a Blessing to give to you and through you today.
  3. Open yourself up to those in need
    Growing closer to God means thinking of and caring for those in need.  This doesn’t necessarily just mean people who are financially challenged. It can also refer to our neighbors who are spiritually, emotionally or physically challenged too.  Being concerned enough to help others with a hand up or a shoulder to lean on draws us close to the Heart of God.

Lucas, during this time of Lent we can model Jesus’ love to others and in so doing we both intentionally and subconsciously strengthen our relationship with God.

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