Hi Mackenzie. Thanks for your question. In a sense everyday life pales in comparison to Easter Sunday. Yet that’s where we live is it it?  Often days for the believer can seem routine and usual. After His resurrection and  before His ascension into Heaven Jesus appeared to over 550 people in 13 separate and distinct Biblical locations.  Jesus was very active after that first Easter as we should be now even during regular nondescript days.  And that’s the key.  Jesus is interested in the details of our lives and wants to be involved daily, hourly and even minute by minute. 

Your question has been asked by al lot of people through the years. Including the disciples on the road to Emmaus. They were discussing what to do now that the movement of Christianity seemed to be over.  Just in the nick of time and as He does with us Jesus appeared to them.  Their response to this event in retrospect was “Diid not our hearts burn within us as He walked with us on  the way?”

Easter is such a great experience but it is just the beginning.  God has much more of the same in store for every believer.   Easter isn’t just an historic event that we commemorate but rather it it is a catalyst for New Life.

Here are a few steps to keep he beauty of Easter alive year round:

  1. Make a quality decision to accept Jesus into your life now and Believe
  2. Plan to be in Church each week to celebrate God”s love for and faith in you
  3. Tell other people about your faith. Just share what you know and have experienced

When you do these things you help others know what to look for as they seek to experience God for themselves.  Then you will begin to live as an Easter person empowered by God’s Holy Spirit daily.  Enjoy the adventure.

Our 5th Worship service of the weekend starts tonight @ 6pm. Be our guest.