Dr. Swisher, Do you have any advice as we prepare for a new School year to begin?  Ainsley, Perrysburg

Thank you for the question Ainsley

I do have some advice as we all gear up for a brand new School year.  My daughter is going into 5th grade in two weeks and we have been actively planning.  Here are a few tips:

  1. Actively enjoy the back to school shopping experience.  Ask your child or children what they are most looking forward to finding; a new backpack, scratch and sniff notebook, pens, highlighters, glue sticks?   The list is virtually endless.  Be sure to enjoy these times and don’t  rush through this moment.
  2. Talk with your children and family about what they hope to learn or achieve this School year.  Ask them if they are worried or nervous about anything and help them cope with those feelings.
  3. Pray for your children and their teachers and School administrators.   I have several of each of these categories in my Church and I know that they are all believing and  praying-for the best year yet.   Additional prayers can only help that Hope become reality.
  4. Get involved in the School   For example volunteer, join the PTA or PTO of the school. Be a positive influence through active interest and helpful presence.

Join me in this prayer....Dear Lord, help us to not be anxious for anything but in prayer and supplication with thanksgiving help us to share our prayers, hopes, dreams, fears and opportunities with you.  We know you want to be involved in the details of our lives and we rest in the knowledge that you Love us and desire what is best for each of us and those we love.  Thank you.  May this School year be the best one yet. In Jesus’ Name.