Dr. Swisher, Did my loved one go to hell because they committed suicide?  Katie, Bowling Green  

Hello Katie thank you for asking this very deep and meaningful question. I’m sorry that you have through this difficult experience.  

You may be surprised to know I get this question frequently.  It seems to be a concept many people struggle with. Here is the important thing for us to know....God doesn’t call His people home but He does Welcome them home. That means God would not wish suicide or any other kind of calamity to happen to His children.  However He would not turn away from them in their time of need.    

We don’t know what people pray or what forgiveness or blessing they ask for in the final moments of life. But we do know Jesus said this, “Whoever comes to me I will never turn away.” Jesus also stated in Matthew 11 “Come to me all who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” These Bible verses and many similar ones give us comfort and peace when confronted with this scenario.   

How about you, Katie? Would you turn away from a child or parent or loved one when they need you the most? I don’t know you personally but I would imagine you would say No. So if we are able to love and forgive and Bless our loved ones think how much more God loves us.   

God’s love transcends circumstance and goes beyond any form of death. It’s not as important how we die it is much more important how we live. I encourage you to visit us at Epworth UMC where you will find comfort and inspiration as you move forward in life. God bless you and those you love.