Hello Joe. Thanks for your question. This is a familiar one as I receive it quite a bit from people of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life. Someone said to me recently, “It is easier to know God’s Will for my wife than for my life.” Many people often operate on that principle, don’t they? We believe we know what our spouse or significant other or child or parent or neighbor ought to do. But the tough thing is knowing what we should be doing. This can also be used as a manipulative tool by religions and those who represent them.  For instance they may say “God told me you should be doing this or that or the other thing.” Be extremely wary of that as God will never tell someone else to tell you His Will.  You can know it for yourself without any intermediary to somehow give you that great wisdom from “on high.” 

I think Romans 12:2 is most helpful to us in this quest of knowing God’s Will for our lives. It reads, “Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind so that you may discern the good and perfect Will of God.” It all starts with what we think, what we believe and how we reflect that belief in day to day living. Here are three steps to aid you and all of our faithful readers in knowing God’s will:

  1. God’s will is revealed in the Bible If you have a Bible that simply adorns a lovely coffee table or fills an empty spot on your book case that is not helpful. The only way the Bible is of assistance is when we open it and read it.  As we do the promises of God come alive and we begin to grasp and understand the Will of God.
  2. Apply Biblical Truth Here and Now  For the Bible to be the beneficial tool that it is meant to be we must apply the universal and ancient truth found there to our contemporary existence. Look for ways the stories of theBible directly relate to your current circumstance and then employ them for maximum effectiveness.
  3. Get in Tune with God  I encourage you to so immerse yourself in the things of God that you know exactly what to do in any given circumstance.  I like to put it this way….be so connected with God that ZERO conscious reflection is needed before taking action. 2 Timothy reminds us “Scripture makes the believer competent and equipped for every good work.” When you are in tune with God you will be more than capable to accomplish the task at hand.