Hello Tim, Thanks for this interesting question. I do believe angels are real and I’m happy to talk about them with you and our weekly audience.  

According to the Bible angels are a part of the universe God created.  They are referred to in both the Old and New Testament as hosts, Heavenly armies, Heavenly authorities and principalities.   There are 3 types of angels depicted in the Bible:  

  1. Cherubim:  They guarded the entrance to the Garden of Eden, They transport God, They sat above the Ark of the Covenant where God resided.  
  2. Seraphim: These are the angels that continually Worship God declaring; “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God of hosts.  Heaven are earth are full of Your Glory.”  
  3. Living Beings: The Scriptures speak of these Heavenly beings as they are situated around God’s throne.  They appear as a Lion, an Ox, an Eagle and a Man.    

Only two angels are given specific names in the Bible and they are Archangels Michael and Gabriel. These two have significant roles in the history of the Christian Faith and are the Leaders of the Armies of Light.  

The Bible describes Tens of Thousands of angels and that the Angels of Light are innumerable.  Angels are messengers of God, they carry out His plans and provide an example for the rest of us.    

Many books and movies as well as television series have been made about angels.  Talented actors such as Michael Landon, John Travolta, Cary Grant, Warren Beatty and Christopher Walken have portrayed them.  

It feels good to think about angels, display they in jewelry around our necks or on charm bracelets on our arms.  We love to erect statues of them in our homes, offices and yards because they are a part of our family. As believers angels have an important role in the Team of Light and goodness.  Angels are examples of the Presence and Power of Almighty God.  Pointing us ever in the direction of elevation of thought, mind and speech.